Sep 14th

Are you ready for excitement galore? Here’s the new format for my blog: Crazy/Cool. This thrilling new theme narrowly edged out Concerned/Content, which is essentially the same concept but lacks zippy appeal and seems like the musings of an active senior living resident.

I will post every week about something that is a little unsettling/strange/annoying/weird (Crazy). And to balance my universe, I will also post something that makes me happy (Cool). Broad, but with direction. I like it! Now where to start?

I was going to write about last weekend when we ran out of paper towels and I almost went insane. Extra-thick and quilted, patterned with bird houses or bears, select-a-size (my personal favorite), even the cheap brands that are rough and see-through. I missed them all! I am clearly not able to cope without. I would be the world’s worst pioneer and should any sort of disaster, natural or otherwise, destroy our supply chain of “goods,” I’d be the first to surrender and/or die.

But then there was some real news that was, believe it or not, crazier than my paper towel drought.

Unrest in the middle east is no big surprise, but it is very sad that four Americans were killed because a movie trashes Islam. A movie that is intentionally incendiary. Why let it succeed?

I say this to you, sweaty men who are climbing fences and throwing things (on fire) from the back of pick up trucks, your rage is causing the attention. A little peaceful opposition, and it’d be over by now.

But alas, I’ve seen many movie-related articles pop up on my computer today. People are curious. What’s up with the movie? It was the top story on the legitimate news and even The Insider covered the escalating violence before cutting to a montage on Britney’s popstar physique. (It is achievable!)

If you didn’t riot, there would be no story. You gave the power to this stupid, low-budget piece of cinematic crap. Stop rioting. Stop it. Stop killing, too.

But I know you won’t listen to me because I’m a girl. There were definitely no girls in the back of those pick-up trucks.

I realize the conflict in the middle east is complicated and has been brewing for thousands of years. I realize real people have been hurt and cultures have been offended. I confess that I am not a scholar on the region, though I do love a good flat bread.

I need something exceptionally sweet to counter that crazy mess.

Today I drew a pathetic star for Bea to color and she looked at me like I produced a miracle on paper. But I can’t really elaborate on that so it’s not my official cool item. But it was cool. Cute cool. Wait until she sees my tulip! 

Instead, I’m sticking to an international topic (I am so worldly) and choosing Will and Kate on their Asian adventure. Love her smart (and roomy?) suits and the way he can work a balding head.

They can do whatever and make their bland speeches about whatever, but all anyone wants to report is whether she’s pregnant or not. Enough with the ceremonial toasts! She requests water, and the press goes wild! I totally think she is, by the way, and it’s all good. On the clean, well-packaged surface it’s good… but also in the deeper layers where Will could love a commoner and no one goes to the guillotine. Good!

I hope they have a girl.

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