Not getting paid by Fifa. Yet.

Jun 20th

I am loving the World Cup. It seems like the whole country has come around on soccer. Jon was in Washington DC for the US v. Ghana game and just walking down the street, he said there was a buzz.

Here are the reasons I am so enamored:

1) The background noise is hypnotic. Seas of fans chanting and singing traditional songs (that are also probably loaded with profanity) merge to create a really pleasant hum. Plus I love audience participation. Makes the whole event more dimensional. If I’m in a stadium and a wave starts going around, I am always (always!) eager to stand up, throw my arms in the air and yell “wooo” or whatever one yells in a wave. Then I laugh and clap until it circles back. I guess in the bright lights of a sports venue, I am 3.

2) The commentators and their worldly accents evoke a cool vibe. Look at me! I have an international interest! I especially love a hard to understand Scottish brogue. Takes me back to the motherland, or at least makes me think of Groundskeeper Willie from the Simspons. Either way = happy feelings.

3) Soccer stars are good looking! They are fit, but not bulky and bloated like a majority of the NFL, or disturbingly tall like basketball pros. And without helmets, you can see their pretty faces, gauge their reaction to referee calls, share their elation, appreciate their agony. Especially in HD clarity. I like the complex emotions of my (hunky) athletes to be both crisp and clear.

4) At the World Cup level, it’s generally a low scoring game, so big, giant upsets are always possible. Who doesn’t love a big, giant upset? Okay, half the arena and entire countries.

5) Continuous play! That’s the kicker! I hate how the end of a football or basketball game is always drawn out. One minute of play on the clock equals about twenty minutes of intentional fouls, strategic time-outs and sharp whistle blows. But in soccer that clock just keeps a-ticking. Then, to add a bit of unpredictability to the very end, stoppage time is “tacked on” but you are never sure exactly how much. Brilliant!

Happy watching! Go USA!

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