One year down.

Sep 7th

This is it. Post #52. My final question.

Last year, when I decided to blog it was primarily to sell my journals. To reach out to the world of new(ish) media. I chose to start in September because the big girls were back in school and I had a bit more time to myself. Just a little.

September also seemed ideal because it spans the time between the anniversary of Gail’s death (8/29) and the anniversary of my mother’s (9/29). High emotion makes for better, more motivated writing. Take it out on the keyboard!

So I wrote my first post last September and updated faithfully every week. When I commit to something, I really commit. Unless it’s a yoga DVD.

What I never factored into my timing was the personal significance of this final month. I am 41 and 4 months, Gail’s age when she passed away. Strange coincidence.

Truthfully, 41 and 4 months never seemed old to me. It was always, always unfairly young. But six years ago, it was far enough in my future that I felt safe.

Now I’m here. Now I’m her. I’ve arrived to the station where she got off. It’s very weird.

The bottom line is, I couldn’t imagine leaving the world at 41 and 4 months. I have too much left to do.

What would you still like to accomplish in your life?

I would like to finish raising my kids because they need me. Lu, who is painfully self-conscious and teetering on teenhood. She needs a daily ego boost with her bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Edy, who could possibly have too much confidence and eczema flare-ups only I can manage. And Bea, who at this point wouldn’t remember me at all – which breaks my heart because I put a lot of effort into her happiness. Every darn day.

I would like to take my business to a higher, more respectable level. I would like to use my success to support charity and promote positivity. I would like to make an impact beyond my home by stepping outside of my comfort zone, both literally and figuratively. (I really do enjoy my cozy house and its 24/7 access to Bravo TV.)

I would like to continue writing.

I would like to do a better job of keeping up with my amazing friends.

I would like to retire with Jon someday and travel. He has informed me that he will never, ever drive a Winnebago around the country and I have informed him that I would not, could not live in Florida. I envision a place at the shore and lots of flights to exotic ports. Can you see me posing in front of the acropolis in practical footwear and a visor? I can!

I would like to know my grandchildren.

Thanks for reading my blog! I still plan to post every Friday, though with a different tone. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I am currently revamping my website and will tie it all together in a way that totally makes sense – blog, business, charity. Stay tuned! Exciting times! As long as I’m here and healthy, I will stay busy! 

Below are all the questions from the past year. A recap for those who like things recapped. This took me a million minutes to copy, paste and compile. So please glance it and if you see me, tell me it made your day.

If you were to do anything else with your life, besides what you already do, what would that be?

When was the last time you felt a genuine wave of excited anticipation?

What is your favorite current advertising campaign (good or bad) and why is it so memorable?

What animal has had the biggest impact on your life?

If you could drop it all and get away for a long weekend by yourself, where would you go and what would you do?

What was your most memorable Halloween costume?

What major life events have you faced and what lessons did you learn?

Have you ever had a brush with fame, met a celebrity, or been on TV?

Describe one thing about your life right now that you want to remember, but you know you’ll probably forget.

What are your shopping memories? How would you describe your shopping habits?

How was your childhood home decorated for the holidays? Describe your current holiday decorating style?

What are your thoughts on the after-life?

What makes you feel old? What makes you feel young?

What is your most memorable holiday moment?

What are your thoughts on New Year’s Eve? 
How many New Year’s Eves can you recall?

Describe yourself at 10.

List three things you love about where you live.

What is your history of giving back and what do you currently do to serve your community?

How do you feel about cooking?

What exercise do you prefer and why?

What do you love about your family?

What have you won in your life? What would you do if you hit a big jackpot? What are your thoughts on chance?

What is your history with colds, flus and other common illnesses?

What memories do you have of winter weather?

Describe your typical weekday.

What do you choose to repeat from your childhood, and what do you choose to change?

What difficult decision(s) have you made lately?

What’s the most adventurous/extreme/crazy thing you’ve done? Would you do it again?

What are your memories of Easter or Passover or the Spring Equinox if that suits you better?

How would you describe your history of popularity?

What is something seemingly selfish you’ve been meaning to do and should move to the top of your priority list – right now – in honor of Gail’s birthday?

List ten (or eleven) artists and albums that have had meaning in your life.

What are the most memorable concerts or live music shows you’ve attended?

Mother’s Day. Thoughts?

What smells bring back memories for you?

How have your friends shown love and support during a difficult time?

Have you ever felt completely over something. Finished, done, ready to move on without looking back?

Have you had or do you have any nicknames?

Did you go to camp? What are your camp memories?

What summer storms do you remember most?

Fourth of July. What are your memories?

What memories do you have from your own wedding or from attending someone else’s? What did you like? What would you do differently?

What books have been important in your life?

What are your memories and random thoughts on the Olympics?

What were your first summer jobs?

Pick a memory that is missing details and ask someone to fill in the blanks. Then write it down!!! Please. Don’t make me cyber beg.

Write down a beach memory. Any beach memory.

How do you feel about your hair? Through the years, what were some of your hair highlights and lowlights (ha!)?

What are your back-to-school memories and how do you feel about this time of year?

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